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Situated in the industrial estate of Vale do Paraíba, in Taubaté / SP, founded in October, 2013, SUPERHOT is a company operating in the fitness fashion segment and has more than 300 points of sales just in Brazil, as well as several resellers around the world.

SUPERHOT focused its interest into developing sports clothing designed to worship female bodies within an unusual fashion concept. We use the top feedstock materials available to present our customers with nothing but the best. All our models carry our name and brand into their personal lives and physical careers; Proofing that our clothes fit not just their self-steem but also their comfort into gym life. SUPERHOT is also heavily engaged into beachwear bikinis, underwear clother and responsible for dressing many gorgeous women all around the world.

To develop, produce and market women fitness wear with patterns that exceed needs and public wishes from Brazil and around the world.

To be recognized as a world class company developing motivational products for high quality feminine fashion.

All the SUPERHOT business processes are based on practices of the following values which we believe are essentials for sustainable development of any activity in the long-term:


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SUPERHOT Sports Bras TOP759 Sexy Workout Bras Motion SUPERHOT Leggings CAL789 Sexy Workout Leggings Shiny Purple SUPERHOT Leggings CAL754-TOP759 Sexy Workout Leggings Outfit SUPERHOT Leggings CAL754 Sexy Workout Leggings Jersey
SUPERHOT Leggings CAL754-TOP759 Sexy Workout Leggings Outfit
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $134.95
Savings: $15.00

SUPERHOT Leggings CAL726 Sexy Yoga Workout Leggings SUPERHOT Outfit Sexy Workout Yoga 2 piece Set CAL701-TOP716 SUPERHOT TOP779 Sexy Workout Tops Sports Bra Tops Yoga Tops SUPERHOT TOP712 Sexy Workout Tops Sports Bra Tops Yoga Tops
SUPERHOT Outfit Sexy Workout Yoga 2 piece Set CAL701-TOP716
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $134.95
Savings: $15.00

SUPERHOT MAC744 Sexy Workout  Leggings Jumpsuit Romper SUPERHOT CAL828 Westle Sexy Workout Leggings Yoga Pants SUPERHOT CAL785  Clash Sexy Workout Leggings Yoga Pants SUPERHOT CAL742-TOP780 Sexy Workout Leggings Outfit

SUPERHOT CAL742 Sexy Workout Leggings Cute Yoga Pilates Leggings SUPERHOT CAL739-TOP779 Sexy Workout Leggings Outfit SUPERHOT  CAL735-TOP712 Sexy Workout Leggings Outfit SUPERHOT CAL735 Sexy Workout Leggings Yoga Pilates Leggings


Our SUPERHOT BRASIL LEGGINGS WOMEN WORKOUT CLOTHES durable designs to look SEXY and power through your workout at the gym.

Try our SuperHot Leggings Women workout clothes from SEXY LEGGINGS USA, and you'll feel like you're still in bed dreaming that you found the perfect Women workout clothes. Our Women gym clothes do away with all the chafing and binding, for silky soft gym pants, tops, sports bra tops and other SUPERHOT BRASIL Tops - Women athletic gear that pulls off the impossible. Our Women gym pants and tops are made of fabric so comfortable, they soothe when you pull them on, but these workout clothes are also durable so you never have to worry. Our Women gym tops and pants can do-it-all, from downward dogs to pumping iron to kickboxing up a storm in cardio class.

Finding flattering Women workout clothes is easy when you stop shop at SEXY LEGGINGS USA. We have Women gym clothes that are designed to fit real Women bodies, not just models. In addition to our Women gym pants, and short and long-sleeve tops, we also have workout bra tops that support your every move. Our fitness clothes are made of High-Grade Supplex Lycra Fabric and other blends that move and stretch with you, whether running on the treadmill or taking a Zumba class. Put on SUPERHOT BRASIL Capris Women gym clothes from our collection, and let the dreaming of greatness become a reality.

SUPERHOT Women workout clothes are ideal for the gym or for just running around town. Slip into SUPERHOT BRASIL Women gym clothes first thing in the morning so you are ready to squeeze in a workout on a moment's notice. With Women gym pants or gym tights, get sleek coverage that will hold in heat and keep out moisture. SUPERHOT BRASIL Leggings, women gym tops and workout bra tops feature many styles and colors to coordinate with many of our other SUPERHOT Women workout clothes.

From top to bottom, SUPERHOT Women workout clothes have SUPERHOT Women covered in silky soft fabrics that breath and wick with your every move. Wear SUPERHOT BRASIL Leggings Women gym clothes to bend, stretch, lift, run and ride your way to your best workout. Pair SUPERHOT BRASIL Women gym pants with workout bra tops, and tanks for warmer-weather workouts. Our SUPERHOT BRASIL Women gym tops offer support and convenience for SUPERHOT Women workout clothes you'll love to live in them.

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